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젊은 어머니
The moms I’d already inducted, including my own mother, were bustling around the stage.

“Whores first for your sons, and then to any other guy in the Mother Fucking Club. And that’s every guy in this gymnasium,” I said, my power surging out from me.

You can fuck her ass and mouth, but her cunt is all mine! “Now enjoy fucking your mothers, boys!” I roared, Cherry’s presence buttressing me against the worst of the pain from giving my orders.

“Enjoy them!” My friends, with their new girlfriends in tow, were already fucking their mothers.

A daughter rode her mother’s face, grinding her cunt on her mouth while a young man, maybe her brother, fucked the MILF’s cunt hard.

Reveling in the sounds of all those sons fucking their mothers, I buried into my mom’s cunt.

“Look at that little Breezy over their riding her mom’s face. Just grinding that hot cunt on her mom’s mouth.” “Yeah!” I said, the blonde girl shuddering as she came on her mother, drowning her in pussy juices.

The mother kept moaning about my dick as I fucked it down her throat.

My cock throbbed in Mrs. Tolbert’s bowels as I watched the guy fucking my mother’s mouth rip his shaft free of her lips.

Austin fucked Veva harder while his mother turned around.
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