Veronica Rodriguez Squirt fest with Marica Hase

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Veronica Rodriguez Squirt fest with Marica Hase
BimboTech Chapter Ten: Bimbos Devour the Senator’s Pussy By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals “There it is,” squealed Becky, her face pressed against the limo’s window, staring ahead. “There it is,” Alice agreed, her voice a low purr without a hint of bimbo excitement.

“Good bimbos help men who are in need. And I’m such a gooood bimbo.” “Yes,” Nicole said, her hands rubbing her lush thighs.

“I’m the most beautifulest woman now,” Alice continued, doing a great imitation of her bimbo self.

“The perfect exhibit for curious bimbos to poke into without understanding they shouldn’t be in there. Alone. Maybe the woman who threw the party will want to chaperon.” “There’ll be a guard,” Alice said.

Alice’s vibrant, red hair stood out as she walked across the room, arms hooked with two more bimbos.

“We’re bimbos. Look at how hot we are. We can do what we want.” “Yep,” giggled Janet.

“Oh, you naughty bimbo,” I groaned as her tongue dived through my folds.

“Oh, that’s amazing. Oh, flick my clit. Oh, you naughty bimbos. Oh, yes. Oh, you’re going to make me cum.” “Yay,” Alice moaned so breathy between flicks of my clit with her tongue.

“Oh, god, you two bimbos are so sweet. I wish I had a dildo to fuck you.” “So many dildos around us,” moaned Alice.

“Interesting.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals “As you can see,” I said in the private room cloaked off by security belonging to the powerful men around me, “The bimbo serum has transformed these women into perfect specimens of beauty.” Republicans and Democrats both ogled Vanessa, Nicole, and Donna as they stripped naked, baring their bodies.
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