Trying On All My Bras

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Trying On All My Bras
Her fair, fleshy body looked electrifyingly sensuous as if made of marble.

With water drops still on her body refracting light through them, she appeared like a live dazzling diamond.

She began to wipe and dry up her whole body with the towel.

Her big boobs now released from the clutches of the bra-cups charged out menacingly.

The bras still hanging on her shoulders, she ran the towel beneath the bras and over the boobs wiping.

Then she hooked back the bras neatly placing her boobs back into its cups.

Later, she raised both the hands up in the air and made a stretch of her whole body.

She turned sharply, made a hiss sound in fear as she held the towel across her body to cover whatever nude she could hide.

In the melee, the towel fell off her body leaving the bras and panty Only on her.

I held her tightly clasped to my body, her boobs crushing on my chest.

We were panting slightly and knew our bodies had boiled up.

My hands went around her body, found the metal on her bras and unhooked it.

As my hands began to caress all over her big boobs, she leaned onto my body moaning slightly.

I sat behind her, removed the bras and brought my hands to her boobs from under her arms.

Do you want to waste it?”I knew what she wanted me to do. I made her sit facing me. Bending a little, I Brought my mouth to her left boob. I took it inside greedily and began to suck mildly for two minutes. Then I stepped up my force and began to suck very hard. She began to moan fiercely. Then I began to squeeze her right boob while sucking the left one. After five minutes, she Said:”Look, my right boob is Complaining now”.

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Immediately I left her left boob off and took the right boob into my mouth and began to suck it very hard.

With the touch of my hand on the pussy, her body writhed in pleasures and titillations.
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