She Don’t Like Sex but Loves the $$$

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She Don’t Like Sex but Loves the $$$
What happened to him‭? ‬Is‭ ‬he going to make it‭?”‬ I ask while the female paramedic looks up at me Yes sheriff we got him breathing five minutes ago.

” ” Sheriff you sure you want us to kill‭?”‬ Scott asks while I look back at Heath who is in the back I turn to look back at them while Karen cries‭ ‬on my chest.

Johnson says while Megan takes Karen from me while Savannah quickly makes her way up Sheriff I have to clean my granddaughter up and change her.

Megan says while he nods Megan carries Karen up the stairs while I see my brothers,‭ ‬sons,‭ ‬and nephews either sitting or standing in confusion.

My giant of a son states while Sheriff Johnson looks at all of us while comforting Tiffany Jamie did.

Sheriff can you tell us how bad our husband is‭?”‬ Jasmine says asking while he gets out his phone While he checks I see Tiffany step away from him to only turn to look up at her daughter.

Why is everyone up‭? ‬And where is daddy at‭?”‬ My other granddaughter asks while Megan looks down at me worried Well honey a few things happened tonight that is hard to explain…….‭”‬ Megan says while Lindsey looks confused Oh‭?”‬ Lindsey says while Megan nods Lindsey……‭”‬ Karen says while her younger sister by months looks at her before she continues,‭”‬ Daddy was in a accident.

Sheriff Johnson tells us while I look around to see worried eyes I think for a moment before looking over at William.

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Nick what about the kids‭?‬’ Ellie asks while I see her and the other ladies look at me Get them dressed also.

You will ride next to Gray if that is ok with you both Kevin and Gray.‭”‬ I say seeing them both look at Damon then at me Sounds good to me how about you Gray‭?‬’ Kevin asks while Gray nods He‭’‬ll need a gun though dad.‭”‬ Gray says while I agree I turn my head to see my youngest son smile.

William says while I nod He looks at the both of us with a serious look.
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