School Girls Caught By Lesbian Gym Teacher

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School Girls Caught By Lesbian Gym Teacher
Ms Melendez’s smile widened, and almost casually her left hand took my other breast, hefting its weight and relishing its teenage firm roundness, before she simultaneously pinched both my tits again.

‘Aaaahhhh, yes – yes, fuck me! Oh, Ms Melendez, fuck me – fuck me too, anyhow, any way you like … please, please, my God, I’m so turned on! Take me, have me and fuck me, fuck me hard, so hard!’ In truth to tell, Ms Melendez was turning me on even more than Ms Templeton had done! It was not just the older woman’s maturity and greater experience, though that certainly played its part – it was her sheer charisma and her position of power and authority, for within the hierarchy of my little world, she was a major player indeed.

Ms Melendez’s dark eyes gleamed at my wanton invitation and she leaned close to me, so that her full bust pushed against my engorged and sensitised nipples.

In unspoken unison, they took a simultaneous step towards me, and Ms Templeton hefted Ms Melendez’s breasts up towards my face, almost thrusting the Deputy Principal’s right tit into my mouth.

The cheerleading coach was careful not to block my fascinated view, as the younger woman deftly undid the two buttons at the waistband of Ms Melendez’s smart linen skirt.

Ms Melendez at once stepped out of them and took a dominant stance, with her legs planted firmly apart and her hands on her hips.

Without taking her eyes off my face, Ms Melendez snapped her fingers, and at once the younger teacher reached out to lift the strap-on harness from its resting place by her bag.

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Finally, as the coup de grace, the athletic cheerleading coach snaked her long arms around Ms Melendez’s rib-cage and grasped my breasts, kneading them and pulling and twisting on my nipples! A wild scream was torn from my throat, I jerked wildly to the limited extent that the restrictive ropes and the pinioning dildo would permit, and came with a convulsion that nearly dislocated my shoulders and did painfully wrench my back.
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