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Ginny had moved in for a month, and she and my wife Laura had taken every chance they could get to eat each other out, or finger fuck each other, and I wasn’t getting any of it.

I’d fucked Ginny on that last business trip, but didn’t get a chance to do anything since she moved in, because we didn’t want it to get weird when our son was home.

I set up the trip, called a few old friends in Korea, and brought Ginny along.

I woke up to that lovely Ginny stroking me off under the blanket.

Ginny gave me a smile as she caught me staring at our captor’s tight little skirt clad ass.

Obviously Ginny had enjoyed the view too, and her nipples were threatening to burst through her tight blouse.

In no time she and Ginny had me undressed, and Hyun Jin had my cock in her mouth.

“Let’s make him a little more accessible” said Ginny to HunJin.

“I want some of that,” said HyunJin, getting off my cock and pushing Ginny off my face.

I expected her to take Ginny’s plance, but instead, she was kneeling in front of Ginny, licking her pussy.

I started giving her nice long strokes as she continued lapping at Ginny’s pussy.

Her pussy felt so good, and I was enjoying the muffled sounds she made as she licked Ginny’s pussy while I fucked her slowly.

I could see Ginny was having fun, but was anxious to get a piece of my cock too.

DING-DING–“Attention Passengers. This is the Captain, I’m sorry to say we have entered some heavy turbulence. Please ensure you seatbelts are fastened, trays and luggage properly stowed. Flight attendants, please check the cabin and take your seats as quickly as possible.” Fuck, I was still rock hard and wanting to fuck Ginny.

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“Two minutes,” and she shoved me in a nearby toilet without Ginny.

“I could taste Sky Mama on your cock. I think she will be happy with me.Now, go to your seat.” “What happened,” asked Ginny as I buckled in beside her.

“If you are free tomorrow night, we’d love for you and your’re little friend,” Ginny said nodding at the reliever, “To join us at our hotel for dinner and,” she licked her lips, “Dessert. We’re at the Hyatt in Seoul Park.”.
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