My sexy hairy asian girlfriend

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My sexy hairy asian girlfriend
On warm days Amy usually walked home, which involved passing through an underground tunnel under a highway.

I finished my lab relatively fast, and stopped by the library where I undoubtedly found Amy, sitting behind a pile of books, which I knew she was going to take home.

“Hey Amy! I just finished my lab! I think I passed, hah!” I said, sitting down across for her, trying to see her face through the stacks of literature.

As we carried our load and chattered, I noticed that Amy was starting to get hot, and I could see the outline of her bra and breasts when he white blouse, wet from the sweat, got stuck to her chest.

There was a ripping noise, a slight struggle and a second later, 14 year old Amy was in front of me, exposed in her bra.

“Sam, stop!” Amy begged as she struggled to free her arms.

“No, Amy! I can’t! I wanted to see you naked for so long!” I whispered in a low voice and without hesitation pulled her bra straps to the sides, and slid the whole thing down to her stomach.

Still holding Amy’s hands behind her back with my left hand, I use my right to cup one of her breasts.

I looked at Amy and saw tears running down her face.

A couple of seconds later, moan escaped Amy’s mouth and I decided to move lower.

Looking her in the eyes, with a bit of a crazy smile on my face, I whispered, “I hope you will enjoy this Amy. I am about to fuck your tight virgin Asian cunt with my hard cock!” I was not a big guy, having a height of 5’9 at the age of 15, I was extremely skinny and my cock was an average 6, almost 7 inches when erect.

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I rubbed my cock on her clit, which resulted in weak moaning from Amy.

Amy started crying loud, but I continued to pus, breaking through her hymen.

The blood, the little of it that there was, made things a bit easier and I began fucking Amy.

“Amy, you Asian whore!” I yelled, pounding her pussy, “I am going to fill your cunt with my cum!” and begun pouring my semen in her pussy.
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