Latex Lucy in black latex outfi

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Latex Lucy in black latex outfi
With dusky brown skin, long glossy black hair, come to bed eyes, beautiful lips just made for sucking dick, slim waste and flat stomach and very long, slender legs she is stunning.

My dick began to stiffen as I feasted on her beauty.

The colours were perfect and that latex second skin was so slinky, perfectly figure hugging and sexy and had my erect dick twitching and ready to spurt and I’d fallen in love with latex.

The reminder of his presence was a real killer and I felt my dick begin to shrink but without preamble or foreplay Hira undid my belt and flies, inched my strides down then reached into my underpants and flicked out my dick.

I didn’t have the longest dick in the showers but it was acceptable at a little over eight inches but I almost always won the old party favourite ‘how much beer or water can you displace from a pint pot’ competition because my dick was by far the thickest.

She screamed as more than eight inches of thick black meat ploughed home then yelped as I bottomed out with that beautifully tight cunt squeezing all along my dick.

I’d rammed her tight little cunt so much that my dick felt scraped raw so I pushed in deep and began to strum the tips of my fingers over her clitoris.

With my dick buried to the hilt it was like I wasn’t really there, like this was all happening by remote control, I was floating around the pleasure and pain.

Her juices flooded and I could feel her wet warmth burning along my abraded dick, still tight but now she was so smooth and we both began enjoying the ride.

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I had her on her knees and we fucked doggy style, I had her lying on her back arching across the arm of the char and I could see her belly swell as my dick slid in to fill her up.

It’s such a great feeling to hold it back as long as possible especially with a beauty such as Hira wrapped around my dick.

After a couple of minutes Malik turned, he was obviously not pleased with the outcome of their argument, I soon found out why when he asked me “Tonight you will say here, yes? You will sleep in my bed with my wife, yes? You understand that this is not my choosing but that of my wife and she …we… ask if you will stay here tonight.” That’s how I found myself lying in a nice warm bed, between the legs of the most beautiful girl in my world with my dick buried in her now well used, wet and welcoming cunt.

Three times more she massaged delay cream into my dick and balls until the tube was empty and four times more I filled her with my cream.

I’d not long since pumped another load of sperm into his wife and we were lying entwined with my half hard dick still buried in her sloppy and now quite sizeable cunt.
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