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Korean Teen Couple
The three girls who had left the room took up their designated position immediately outside the entrance to the library: they were ready to prevent any escape by Yuriko, although they hardly expected her to avoid Alexis’s clutches, now that she was in the trap; their role was more to make sure that no other girl who was ignorant of what was happening should blunder in, and to give warning in the very unlikely event of a teacher hearing Yuriko’s cries and coming to her aid.

Like a homing missile, the Head Girl’s hand plunged between Yuriko’s thighs and then jerked backwards, rumpling up the front of the smaller girl’s tartan uniform skirt, and smacking Alexis’s fingers right against the plain thin white cotton of Yuriko’s panties, right on the gusset that cradled her tight slit.

After stripping away Yuriko’s panties, Alexis rubbed them over her own sweaty oozing pussy and then shoved the dirty garment into Yuriko’s mouth – at first, the Japanese girl twisted her head aside and tried to keep her mouth closed, but a sharp pinch of one of her little nipples soon ended that: as the slim teenager gave an involuntary squeal, Alexis jammed the panties in between her parted lips.

Yuriko hardly knew what response to make to this turn of events, for half of her was in hysterical denial and the other half was exulting in every sexual sensation – and the really terrifying thing was that the exultant part seemed to be winning! In the moment that Yuriko was distracted by these thoughts, Alexis had knelt down and rummaged in a small canvas bag, which had been placed behind the chair when the other preparations were made.

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‘Not bad, not bad for a first effort’, laughed Alexis, ‘and you’ll learn, you’ll get better, don’t worry!’ Yuriko might have asked tremulously what she meant by that … would there be more such occasions? The thought sent strange shivers down her spine, simultaneously fearful and thrilling … but the question went unasked, as Yuriko bit her lower lip in apprehension – for Alexis had stepped back a pace, and was buckling the dildo harness around her hips.
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