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We left the next year, and that fantasy, of my hard white cock in a threesome with a beautiful Indian and Korean pussy vanished.

The asshole father insisted that the girl finished school in Bangalore, so she lived in the school’s residence, but on weekends and during summers she stayed with Raju, Reena and Anu.

So there I was, in the back of a company van, holding a beautiful Korean girl against her will, letting an equally beautiful Indian girl, essentially rape, because it was forced, her best friend, and my cock was throbbing hard watching it.

After my incident with the girls and not having gotten off, looking at Jane wasn’t doing anything to make my cock calm down.

I talked to the desk manager about putting the girls and Anu’s mom and dad on my guest list.

It was the girls and Varun, but he was carrying HyeJin, and Anu was crying.

“Mike, you seem to be a very in demand man. This must be Anu’s mother. That girl is lucky to come from such gorgeous genes.” “Who is this?” questioned Veena.
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