Korean boy enjoys his girlfriend

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Korean boy enjoys his girlfriend
His mother’s naked tits pressed against the window in that looked out onto the shipping room, her tits pillowed together.

“I’m going to feast on you.” “Ooh, yes, do it, darling,” my mom smiled.

“I’ll lick yours, you lick Terry’s, and she’ll lick mine.” “Mmm, yes, lick my pussy, Mi-Suk,” groaned Mrs. Woodham.

“Ooh, darling, that’s so good. Mmm, yes, yes, just lick right there. Get all of my son’s yummy cum out of my snatch.” “Uh-huh,” Cherry moaned, her head moving as she licked and lapped at my mother’s cunt.

“Henry, yes!” she whimpered as my dick popped into her bowels.

“Oh, that’s so good. Yes, yes, yes, bugger me!” “Mmm, yes!” groaned my mother.

“Cherry, getting fucked by me up the ass is almost as pleasurable as getting fucked by me in the cunt.” “Yes!” she moaned.

“Mmm, baby-cakes, I’m going to make you cum on my dick. You’re going to have such an amazing orgasm from getting butt-fucked!” “Yes, yes, yes, make her cum, honey!” my mother moaned, her tits jiggling before her.

“Such a sweet pussy. And a sweet ass.” “Glad you like it!” Cherry groaned, clenching her bowels down on my dick as I pulled back, the friction incredible.

“Oh, god, you are so wonderful. You are… Yes!” My mother gasped in throaty rapture.

“Yes!” she howled as my dick filled her to the hilt.

My mother stared at my dick with such a hungry look on her face.

“Yes, Mom, you get to suck my dick clean of her asshole,” I said.

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“Cherry, you will only use your powers to make me happy. You will always obey me because it makes you so happy when you do. You will never use your powers to undo something I’ve done or to cause me problems. You want to make me happy because you love me. You’re my goddess-girlfriend. Now put on that Halo!” “Yes!” she breathed.

“I’m like you, Henry.” “Yes, you are,” I said, reaching out my hand and taking hers.
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