Japanese specialties

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Japanese specialties

Since I was going to end my year long stay in Japan in about 6 months, I wanted to improve my Japanese so I put an ad in the paper saying that I wanted to exchange English lessons for Japanese lessons.

After a day or two I got a call from a Japanese woman who spoke English with a strong Japanese accent and said she wanted to practice her English and lose her accent.

She told me how to get to her house which was a surprise because Japanese, especially when they meet for the first time, usually meet in some neutral place such as a coffee shop or hotel lobby.

She asked me if I knew what Japanese men called a “Christmas Cake.” I told her I didn’t and she said, “Who wants a Christmas Cake after the 25th? When a Japanese woman gets older than 25, men think she is over the hill.

” She then asked me what I thought about Japanese women and so I told her about my experiences with women I had gone out with.

” Japanese men are so perceptive and have such a great sarcastic sense of humor.

I also told Keiko I thought Japanese women were very exotic looking.

Keiko said “Japanese women find American men very exotic looking also, especially with blue eyes like you.

Most Japanese women have a fantasy as to what it would be like to go to bed with an American.

I think a lot of Japanese women have a rape fantasy as well.

Most Japanese men don’t work out like you obviously do and so they have small muscles and are small in other ways also.

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She then suggested I could stay in her house and share languages since she lived alone and certainly had a large house by Japanese standards.

Japanese bathe differently from Americans in that they first get clean by taking a shower and then they soak in a very hot tub.

As she did so she leaned down and whispered in my ear that this was one Japanese woman who was going to fulfill her fantasy.

Much to my surprise, I found that Keiko was one Japanese woman who had stamina and had one orgasm after another.
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