Japanese Asuka is often cheating on her husband, uncensored

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Japanese Asuka is often cheating on her husband, uncensored
Life goes on but when people around us were getting divorce because either the Husband cheat, wife cheat and etc.

We talk about it and I told Patricia that even I, will have the urge to cheat on my wife.

Patricia too will tell me that she stills want to play and she’s not ready to settle down.

Patricia then told me she wants to experience the feeling of cheating.

Patricia then ask me if I would be her cheating partner, i didn’t think twice and agreed Now, Patricia isn’t taller than my wife but her boobs is 36C while my is 34C. She is very slim as well and her waist curve is model like.

Patricia was texting me, thanking me for cheating with her and etc and he saw the text message.

The next day, I ask Patricia to bring her bikini and sports wear.

One thing Patricia is sure, the female in the room is Asian as they were calling her Gook, chink and etc.

The Asian girl voice was very soft, Dom say she is going to take lots of pounding because another whore name Patricia didn’t take the bait.

I move Patricia next to her and fuck her as Samantha look at Patricia with tears.

Patricia hold Samantha hand and apologize for making me cheat on her.

Samantha ask her to slap herself, Patricia stood up and start slapping herself.

I hug Patricia and told her Samantha didn’t mind at all, she was just playing with her.

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As Patricia lies next to Samantha with her tight looking pussy.
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