Hot Asian office girl blows her coworkers

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Hot Asian office girl blows her coworkers
“Don’t worry, we’ll train you good.” All four are pressed tightly between the wall and the stainless steel sink: Lynda standing behind Stacy, holding the Asian pharmacist’s arms locked behind her even as she rubs her breasts against Stacy’s back, getting her own nipples hard.

Stacy collapses against Lynda, who manages to hold her up and now restrains Stacy’s wrists with one of her strong hands while she brings the other around to wipe sweat from her new daughter’s brow and run her fingers through her hair even as she plants a kiss on her temple.

Finally, Dave’s balls tense up and his cock lets loose with a torrent of hot cum into Stacy’s hungry pussy, which soaks it all up as she screams “DADDY!!!” Dave shoves his cock hard up against Stacy’s vaginal wall twice, making her wince just so she’ll remember who her master is.

“Oh, no…please, please no,” Stacy protests weakly, but Lynda pinches Stacy’s nose shut, forcing her to open her mouth for a breath, and then wrapping her mouth around her left breast.

To Stacy’s shock, after a moment milk actually shoots forth from Lynda’s nipple, sliding down her throat! Stacy’s eyes widen as she looks up into her new mother’s smiling face.

Lynda brushes some hair away from Stacy’s ear and gently whispers, “In this family, we return favors. Your little sister was nice to you, so you have to do the same for her.” “I’ve never done this before,” Stacy argues weakly, even though she knows it’s no use.

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Finally, Mia grabs the sides of Stacy’s head and grinds it into her pussy as she cums hard, crying out in delight as Stacy laps up every last drop.

Licking her ultra-wet lips, Stacy glances down at Lynda’s dark bush and begs, “More…” It’s difficult in the cramped room, but Lynda positions herself on the seat with her legs wide open as Stacy kneels before her, burying her face in her adoptive mother’s pussy.
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