Erena Fujimori nurse is fucked by

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Erena Fujimori nurse is fucked by
“Please.couldn’t you just.” Kimi looked around as she continued to bathe his cock, cleaning it a lot more than necessary, seeming to think things over.

Kimi slowly bobbed her head, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her mouth, sucking him in long, luxurious movements, her long fingernails lightly teasing and caressing his balls.

Kimi eased off of his face, moved down, and guided his cock into her drenched pussy, sliding down its length and embedding it in her vaginal tunnel, her panties still wrapped around the base.

“Mmmmmmm.what did you say, Gwen?” “Cheryl, are you SURE you’re okay?” “I’m fiiiine” said the nurse, smiling happily as Kimi slid her tongue into her drenched vagina.

“Now what in God’s name is the ma.” She froze, her wide-eyed gaze drifting down to where Kimi was still patiently licking Cheryl’s pussy.

Kimi gasped as Platt’s cock pushed into her, stretching her painfully.

Having just come in Cheryl’s wondrous pussy, he knew he could enjoy his ass-fucking of Kimi to the fullest.

His cock sawed in and out of Kimi’s tight ass, as she began to move back against him, wanting all of him inside her now.

“Doctor, what can I do for you?” “Ohh, jeezus, Cheryl, put something in my ass!” said Platt, driven nearly out of his mind by the tight grip of Kimi’s ass.

Platt moaned as he sank his cock into Kimi’s tight ass.

Cheryl gripped the dildo tighter and shoved it further into the doctor’s rectum as he drove his cock into Kimi to the balls.

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The sensations of having his ass fucked while his own cock was buried in Kimi’s tightly-gripping ass were incredible, and he fought now to hold back the eruption of his come, building up despite his earlier climax in the nurse’s cunt.

Kimi reached around Gwen’s cute ass and shoved a finger deep into her as her lips and tongue took possession of the young nurse’s clit.

Gwen’s tongue lashed at Kimi’s clit as she watched Platt’s cock sink into her ass.

Platt suddenly clenched his teeth and growled, burying his cock deep in Kimi’s asshole, then sliding it out as he felt his come surging up the tube of his cock.
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