Chinese Model Custard Girl – Fun with Photographer

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Chinese Model Custard Girl – Fun with Photographer
“Started puberty today.” I announced with a small puffing out of my emaciated chest.

“Think I’ll find a bird and give her a right good shagging.” It was obvious that I had little idea about girls, but I seemed to have the right equipment, it seemed to function properly, so it was quite reasonable to want to try it out.

“The House of Correction”, turned out to be a converted sweetshop, tucked away between a Chinese Chip shop and a Greek delicatessen.

Madam Sin, as she liked to be called, turned out to be one of those rather voluminous ladies that always seem to smell of violet water and sweat.

The teapot had a leather cosy on it, with spikes sticking out of the sides and the handle that was fashioned after the male organ, bent in an unlikely arc that brought tears to my eyes, just thinking about it.

There aren’t many places to go to in the playground that gets you out of the mocking gaze of your peers.

Bigger kids staked out their claims on the wooden benches that lined the asphalt outside of the playground area, woe-betide anyone who inadvertently sat on their patch.

Good God, if her chest and torso had these growths popping out all over, then what was her fanny going to look like? Fortunately for me, I never found out.

Having your dick out in the girls toilets while, a member, no matter how lowly, of the opposite sex was obviously being subjected to your vile and depraved ministrations, was not going to be viewed as minor.

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One, never open your mouth, even when you’re the subject of a gross injustice; Two, never trust a woman, even when she appears to be alluring and Three, never trust a woman when you have your dick out in a public place, she will hurt you, one way or another.

Her body had filled out in the right directions and, although not model material perhaps, was charming enough to have attracted my attention, but more importantly, was my defence lawyer in a spurious case of voyeurism of which I was completely guilt free.
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