Chinese Cam Girl 鹿少女 Miss Deer – Fuck Sleeping BF

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Chinese Cam Girl 鹿少女 Miss Deer – Fuck Sleeping BF

Abdul was sitting at the back seat, my nervous wife was sitting right next to me.

I park at a back alley and start filming my wife with a camcorder *at that time handphone camera not good yet*.

In the video, started recording overlooking the car steering as i slowly turn to my beautiful wife, she is shy and nervous.

I say I need to record this down and need her to take out her ID. She took it out with our wedding ring and show it to the cameraand i say “My wife Samantha is gonna be fuck by my brother here” and Abdul took out his ID. He ask “Can we start yet?” I then ask my wife to climb to the back.

Abdul hold her torso and say “Nak gi mana?”/ where you are going ? i kiss her mouth to mouth and put the camcorder in the front dashboard.

The video shows my wife frontal and me engage in a passionate kiss while Abdul slowly take off all her clothes.

My wife have limited head space, her whole body had to twist to the side while both her hand is up against the car sunroof, so she won’t knock her head. He hold my wife hips and move faster creating noise of his body banging my wife wet pussy.

Then Abdul release one of the weirdest “Ahhhhhhh” as he cum deep inside her.

Samantha was still on top of him, he accidentally pushes my wife who just had orgasm, way too hard.

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We just left her on the car floor while I fetch Abdul home.

My daughter ask if her actual dad is white? I told her that Sam will show them more.

I told them to go to bed as i will be waiting for my lovely wife to come home.

I saw my beautiful wife, Even after 2 kids, Samantha is still slim and her body still very firm.

I push her away softly and ask my driver Raj if he had release his loads, he shake his head. I took out a condom from my wallet, ask my wife to raise her booty up a little so Raj didn’t have to kneel down to bang her.

Raj bang her from behind she my wife struggles to have her lips lock on mine.
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