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Asian spinner bonnces on huge dick
I’m going to take Cindy into the other part of the basement to get ready.

“Are you ready, dear? I mean are you really ready to do this?” Cindy held her gaze for a moment, then dropped her eyes.

Without being told, Cindy turned around, bent over, and spread her cheeks.

“Okay, stand back up and turn around.” Cindy turned around and smiled at me.

Cindy knelt on the couch and bent over, exposing her beautiful ass and butt plug.

” She put the butt plug into Cindy’s mouth and Cindy closed and held it.

Cindy could not do much moaning because of the butt plug in her mouth, but she did moan some thru the plug, and she squirmed and jerked all over the place.

Kimiko stood up, took the butt plug out of Cindy’s mouth and put it back into her ass.

From my vantage point I could just make out Jasmine eating Cindy’s pussy and I stared at Jasmine’s very fine ass and long beautiful legs.

“Is Cindy your wife?” “Yes.” “I thought so.

So did I! Jasmine ran her hand down over Cindy’s ass to her butt plug, which was still in.

” My cock jerked at her dirty talk and Cindy looked at both of us hungrily.

Finally, Jasmine had decided how she wanted this to proceed and asked Cindy to lie on the floor.

Cindy immediately went to work on her, causing her to closer her eyes momentarily and smile a large, happy smile.

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Cindy was pale all over and her lips were very pink, but Jasmine’s were almost a dark brown with a very pink vagina.

Jasmine pulled Cindy’s legs back under her arms and took hold of my dick.

Jasmine watched for a second and then took two fingers and rubbed Cindy’s clit.

Cindy, who may or may not have had much opportunity to cum, suddenly orgasmed.

Then Jasmine started feeling my dick from Cindy’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck, you bitch! Fuck! Keep biting my clit!” Cindy did, and Jasmine kept cumming for a long time.

Jasmine had cum so much that Cindy’s face had that glazed donut look.

Then Jasmine pointed down at Cindy’s stomach where it had dripped.
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