indian lady taking her bath outside

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एक भारतीय महिला बाहर नहा रही है

Each of the quarter allotted with a yard and the yard side divided with a wall for two quarters, otherwise the bath, toilet and kitchen also divided with a wall as the construction was brick built and turned “V” shaped tin shed.

So that every after one quarter’s yard was face to face and bath, toilet and kitchen was back to back.

Everyday Bhabiji and Jori bathed closing the door and I disappointed.

I became so hot that my penis was already erected hard and oozing pre-cum from its head, I began to rub my slippery penis head while observing the bath scene and I had to masturbate then.

Bhabiji finished her bath and came to the yard, then I only could see her head. Jori entered into the bathroom and another shocking was waiting for me, she also didn’t close the door.

After returning from the office I took bath and from the bathroom I heard the knocking sound at my backdoor.
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