Ai Uehara gets stuck in a wall

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Ai Uehara gets stuck in a wall

Adam ran his hand down Lana’s face finding her unresponsive.

“Got to hydrate Paul, H2O. And exercise.” Adam dried himself.

“Paul, do you want to see Alice up close while she’s sleeping?” Adam slurred drunkenly.

“We are sorry, we will go if that is what you request Alice? Lana is asleep upstairs. I will go check on her and let you two get better acquainted, if that is alright with you Alice?” Adam paused.

Adam walked out of her house and out of the secure unit back up to the lounge where Lana was still passed out.

“Did you think you won the competition fairly? Adam tweaked your results to get Lana here. He needed someone intelligent and female, you came as a package.” She said calmly.

Adam had locked him in with Alice while he was with Lana.

The door slammed closed behind her, trapping Paul all he could do was watch from the tiny glass panel as Alice stood beside her maker Adam as he undressed Lana for a second time.

Alice grabbed Lana and held her down as Adam ripped her clothes off revealing her flawless body covered in the same freckles as her face.

Seeing her emotions caused a realization in Alice that Adam was a cruel maker and not one to be looked up to or admired, she let go of Lana’s arms.

“Adam you’re hurting her. Stop it. Get off of her!” Alice pushed Adam off of Lana and sucker punched him.

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“Come on Lana!” Alice yelled as she grabbed her hand pulling her to her feet leaving Adam knocked out on the lounge floor.

“We need to get out of here before Adam wakes. Leave Paul; I will come back for him. Please.” She kisses Lana hard.

Adam fell to his knees screaming and grasping at his left arm as Alice ran off with his hand, using it to free herself from the complex escaping his clutches once and for all.

Leaving Adam, Lana and Paul locked inside the complex without a way out.
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