3 DAYS IN BUDAPEST | The Sex Diaries

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3 DAYS IN BUDAPEST | The Sex Diaries
“The hotel is full so were going to take you all to a off post hotel, the Itaewon Hotel less then 5 minutes down the road.” A soldier announced to the bus “They are going to make us go off post?” The kid sitting next to me said “Man it’s fucking better then cots on a basketball court.” As we drove off post we again took it all in, but with the anticipation this time of knowing we were soon to be released to our own devices.

Without hesitation Joy refilled my glass and placed it back down on the table.

“Please join me.” I motioned for her to sit across the booth from me but she poured herself a glass and sat down right next to me.

“Your welcome.” Joy took a small sip from her glass and set it down.

“Well now that’s a very nice welcome.” I set my drink down next to hers pulled her to me and she straddled my lap.

“Wow your sexy.” I said looking up at her, she leaned down and kissed me again pushing her tongue into my mouth this time.

Joy slowly pulled her lips from mine and looked down at me.

“You have money?” “Yes I have some money.” She smiled as I said this “How much you have, tell me.” She bounced up and down as she said this lightly grinding her hips.

“No condom when I suck, condom when fuck.” She said and reached down to my boxers and pulled them off.

My cock sprang to attention and she instantly took my 7″ in her hand, kneeling down to mouth level with my hard cock “You so big, I cannot take all in mouth.

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You gonna suck that dick long time?” I laughed to myself as I said it and all Joy replied was a “MMHhhmmm,” with my cock down her throat.

The one downfall I would later discover, not many Asian woman shave down there, a custom I had grown used to with my State side woman.

Watching Joy ride me, there wasn’t much I needed to do! With every bounce she slammed your pussy down on my cock.

” Joy said as she slowed to a light grind looking down at me.
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